ATT Survival Guide

A seven-part, two-hour video workshop for app developers and advertisers. This workshops presents a comprehensive, tactical guide to adapting to App Tracking Transparency, with a focus on retaining advertising efficiency

In two hours, this workshop explains how App Tracking Transparency has changed the mobile landscape and what mobile advertisers can do, quickly, to adapt.

Presented by Mobile Dev Memo

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The workshop is designed to help advertisers understand how their businesses must adapt to the new commercial reality that App Tracking Transparency created.


The workshop provides guidance around the specific steps you'll need to take to preserve advertising efficiency through utilization of SKAdNetwork conversion values and ad network reporting.


The workshop covers economy design and implementation, analytics and reporting, product marketing, alternative measurement methodologies, and creative strategy.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is a good fit for companies that are in the early stages of implementation and want to validate their choices.

This workshop is not a good fit for companies that have invested extensively into building or implementing a transformation plan.

The intended audience for this course is: executives, marketers, product managers, data scientists, and analysts.

Note that this workshop is specifically catered to mobile app advertisers and doesn't substantively cover the way in which ATT impacts mobile web campaigns.

Course Modules:

Learn what is needed to develop competitive advantage and thrive in the post-ATT environment

This workshop is designed to provide guidance and tactical-level insight into what app developers and marketers need to do to not just adapt to the post-ATT environment but to use it as an opportunity to establish real competitive advantage.

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About the Author: Eric Benjamin Seufert

Eric Benjamin Seufert is a media strategist, quantitative marketer, and author who has spent his career working for transformative consumer technology and media companies. Eric is the author of the book Freemium Economics, published by Elsevier in 2014, and he developed Theseus, an open source Python library for marketing cohort analysis.

Eric started his career at Skype and subsequently held strategy and marketing roles at a number of consumer technology start-ups, including Wooga (acquired by Playtika) and Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds. Eric founded Agamemnon, a start-up that built a mobile marketing analytics platform, which was acquired in 2017. Eric now runs Heracles, a strategy consultancy that specializes in marketing science and growth strategy.

Eric runs Mobile Dev Memo, a mobile advertising and freemium monetization trade blog, and QuantMar, a knowledge-sharing platform for quantitative marketers. Eric's writing has been featured in The Information, Business Insider, and the Harvard Business Review, and he has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, and The Financial Times, among others.